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Are you feeling below par , stressed out, sleeping badly struggling with gut issues, low mood or anxiety, poor digestion or some health condition you’ve not been able to ‘put right’?

It all starts with food.

Nutrition is about what you eat as well as what you don’t eat. It is also about how your body can make use of the nutrients, through digestion and assimilation of nutrients. Our bodies naturally strive to balance and heal itself. However, lots can get in the way of this process, resulting in ill-health, including stress, toxins & air pollution, genetic predispositions, deficiencies of nutrients, food sensitivities, life stage, illness, antibiotics and more can also have a profound effect on health. For example, it is well known that there is a link between diet and conditions such as overweight, diabetes & heart disease. (Food can help you improve your health naturally, by supporting the body with what it needs to heal and rebalance itself. (Caption: let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food, Hippocrates).

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“I first consulted Katarina about five years ago when experiencing uncomfortable muscle aches throughout my body, as well as painful cramps in my legs at night, all of which had been growing increasingly worse as I went through my mid to late fifties.  Conventional medicine only seemed to point me in the direction of analgesics


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I am passionate about empowering people to improve their health through nutrition and lifestyle.

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