“I have known Katarina since 1990 and have found her to be a skilled, talented and trustworthy professional.  More recently her nutritional advice has been invaluable.  She helped me to understand that my gut related symptoms were due to food allergies and has also suggested an alternative remedy for bladder and urinary tract issues that has allowed me to avoid frequent use of antibiotics.

Katarina is a warm and likeable person who combines her intuitive grasp with a scientific approach that is highly effective.  I wholeheartedly recommend her as a nutritionist.”


“I sought Katarina’s help with a number of health issues, not sleeping well, constipation, low energy to name just a few, Katarina is very thorough and patient in her approach.  She has helped me to change my eating habits quite significantly, I am much more consistent with what I eat now, to be honest I had became a bit lazy in my eating habits.  It was not that I didn’t know what I should be eating, and some of the time I was eating well, but in the end I was eating to many microwavable meals and not enough of the good stuff.  Katarina suggested many new foods to improve my diet along with a supplement programme and general good advice on keeping well, many of my health issues have improved significantly.  So if you are looking for a warm, wise and genuine nutritionist then look further – Katarina is the one.”

Dennis, West Hampstead

“I was suffering from a gut related condition, I had been very ill for 2 years, was on a very restrictive and unhealthy diet, and had lost 20% of my body weight when I was referred to Katarina. She told me early on that she would work with me to me support my gut health – what a relief!  I liked her patient and methodical approach to identifying my food intolerance, establishing a base to work from (and go back to), and then building my food repertoire. She taught me to become aware of my digestion, what it’s telling me, how to manage it (psychologically and physically) when it gets upset, and to take responsibility for how I am.  My gut is now the best barometer of my health.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.”


“After experiencing gut related symptoms for many, many years I decided it was time to seek out nutritional advice as change of diet alone had not been enough.  I’m very glad I found Katarina. The initial consultation was very thorough with detailed food diaries and medical information / history shared before we had even met! This meant that by the time we did meet, Katarina had a good understanding of my worries and concerns.  Katarina and I worked together for around 8 months and I was amazed at the results. The dietary changes and supplements she suggested worked wonders and I really feel my gut is more healthy now than it has ever been!  Seeking any kind of alternative medical advice always proves to be a little more costly than your average prescription, however the emotional peace of mind and physical health and results I have achieved, thanks to Katarina’s help, far out way the financial costs incurred.  I would highly recommend Katarina, she is experienced and knowledgeable in her field and truly wants the best for her clients. She does not push for you to buy things or work with a business attitude instead she has one of care and respect for nutritional health and the wonders it can do for people.  I am very grateful.”


“I first consulted Katarina about five years ago when experiencing uncomfortable muscle aches throughout my body, as well as painful cramps in my legs at night, all of which had been growing increasingly worse as I went through my mid to late fifties.  Conventional medicine only seemed to point me in the direction of analgesics and I wasn’t keen to go down that path.  After seeing Katarina for the first time, when she asked me all sorts of questions about my general health and lifestyle to build up a picture of me as a whole, she carried out some tests and prescribed various nutritional tips and also some supplements, including magnesium and sea buckthorn oil to support my muscles and joints.  The effect was almost miraculous and since following her plan those aches and pains have not returned.  Since that time, I’ve consulted Katarina about other issues such as dry eyes, stomach bloating and insomnia, and have always been happy with her thoughtful and practical advice.”


“Katarina’s careful questioning led me to make fundamental changes to my eating habits.”


“I have worked with Katarina since June 2017.  I sought nutritional and general health support from Katarina for gut, bladder/kidney problems and an autoimmune condition.  Katarina provided guidance on natural products to use and since then I have had no recurrence of the bladder/kidney issues. The autoimmune condition has also improved.  My gut is supported by good bacteria now.  Katarina uses technology to scan through the body on various levels that can pick up subtle health related issues too. I have found this has provided answers or confirmed some things for me.

Katarina is warm and approachable.  She works in a space that is welcoming, private and comfortable.”


“I first met Katarina Gildebrand when she was working in a similar field to my own. Later on, I consulted her about problems I was experiencing with my digestive system. These included a combination of pain and discomfort, flatulence and urgency with bowel movements. Much of the time I managed by becoming vigilant about my daily visits to the toilet. However, if life became stressful, and it did, this broke down and I’d be prone to trying to find a toilet urgently or seeking refuge behind a bush.

Katarina suggested she could help. She offered me a consultation and found I had a moderate risk of being gluten intolerant.  She also prescribed drops to help re-balance my system.

The effects on my life were noticeable. I became aware of not being so anxious every time I went out or walked the dog for fear of needing to rush home or find the nearest loo. The symptoms have not completely abated, and I probably need a review. However, I am much happier with myself.”


“Katarina was recommended to me by my psychotherapist and I first saw her about five years ago due to low energy and immunity, insomnia and issues with my gut health. On the whole we now tend to meet less frequently on a maintenance basis.

I have found Katarina enormously helpful. She is a warm and emphatic person which she combines with a very thorough knowledge base in which it is evident that she keeps up to date with recent research.

While there has been some general improvement in all areas, my biggest area of improvement is managing my gut health mainly through diet but also some supplementation.  I feel far more confident about this and without Katarina’s input and support I doubt whether I could have achieved this. I would recommend Katarina without hesitation.”


“When I presented to Katarina I was fairly clear about my acute medical condition but needed very coherent guidance to assist my recovery in relation to my nutritional side of things. Katarina is extremely knowledgeable in this subject and working with her was a very pleasant experience in all respects. It certainly provided the holistic approach I was looking for.”


“I first went to Katarina in June 2017. I have two chronic conditions – one affecting my lungs and bloodpressure, and the othera thyroid related condition.  I wanted help with improving my general health and with my sleep problems. I found Katarina to be extremely knowledgeable and, with the help of a bio-energetic screening device, she has been able to pinpoint deficiencies in my diet and food intolerance and correct them with supplements and advice on nutrition. I feel considerably better and have not been ill at all this winter. Also, I have noticed that minor problems like fungal infections in my nails have disappeared.

Katarina is a good listener and will take all the time required to get to the root of one’s health problems. She researches the best supplements for her patients to take and advises on lifestyle changes she believes are necessary. I would highly recommend her.”


“Katrina worked with me nutritionally on several occasions. I loved her approach and knowledge, it was holistic and made total sense – no mambo jumbo.  Her work with me was both preventative and curative – stopping me getting ill before an important holiday, and fixing a sty in my eye respectively.  Oh – and she’s a great listener.”

Jan, 68