“I first met Katarina Gildebrand when she was working in a similar field to my own. Later on, I consulted her about problems I was experiencing with my digestive system. These included a combination of pain and discomfort, flatulence and urgency with bowel movements. Much of the time I managed by becoming vigilant about my daily visits to the toilet. However, if life became stressful, and it did, this broke down and I’d be prone to trying to find a toilet urgently or seeking refuge behind a bush.

Katarina suggested she could help. She offered me a consultation and found I had a moderate risk of being gluten intolerant.  She also prescribed drops to help re-balance my system.

The effects on my life were noticeable. I became aware of not being so anxious every time I went out or walked the dog for fear of needing to rush home or find the nearest loo. The symptoms have not completely abated, and I probably need a review. However, I am much happier with myself.”