“After experiencing gut related symptoms for many, many years I decided it was time to seek out nutritional advice as change of diet alone had not been enough.  I’m very glad I found Katarina. The initial consultation was very thorough with detailed food diaries and medical information / history shared before we had even met! This meant that by the time we did meet, Katarina had a good understanding of my worries and concerns.  Katarina and I worked together for around 8 months and I was amazed at the results. The dietary changes and supplements she suggested worked wonders and I really feel my gut is more healthy now than it has ever been!  Seeking any kind of alternative medical advice always proves to be a little more costly than your average prescription, however the emotional peace of mind and physical health and results I have achieved, thanks to Katarina’s help, far out way the financial costs incurred.  I would highly recommend Katarina, she is experienced and knowledgeable in her field and truly wants the best for her clients. She does not push for you to buy things or work with a business attitude instead she has one of care and respect for nutritional health and the wonders it can do for people.  I am very grateful.”