“I first consulted Katarina about five years ago when experiencing uncomfortable muscle aches throughout my body, as well as painful cramps in my legs at night, all of which had been growing increasingly worse as I went through my mid to late fifties.  Conventional medicine only seemed to point me in the direction of analgesics and I wasn’t keen to go down that path.  After seeing Katarina for the first time, when she asked me all sorts of questions about my general health and lifestyle to build up a picture of me as a whole, she carried out some tests and prescribed various nutritional tips and also some supplements, including magnesium and sea buckthorn oil to support my muscles and joints.  The effect was almost miraculous and since following her plan those aches and pains have not returned.  Since that time, I’ve consulted Katarina about other issues such as dry eyes, stomach bloating and insomnia, and have always been happy with her thoughtful and practical advice.”